HOUR announces PURA and Summer PURA cohorts

The Hopkins Office for Undergraduate Research (HOUR) and the Office of Integrative Learning and Life Design are proud to announce the current Academic Year and Summer 2021 cohorts of the Provost's Undergraduate Research Award program, or PURA.

Through this extremely challenging year, these resilient students have worked hard to design and conduct independent research projects from a range of academic disciplines, from wet-lab research to the creation of short films. PURA awards are made possible by the continuing support of faculty and mentors who continue to work hard to help undergraduates identify research opportunities and provide guidance and mentorship as students navigate their undergraduate experience.

Former Johns Hopkins University Provost Joseph Cooper (who served from 1991 to 1995) established the PURA program in 1993 with a generous endowment by the Hodson Trust.  The program was created to support Hopkins undergraduate students as they engage in independent research and scholarly and creative projects. Summer PURA serves as the summer cycle of PURA, allowing students to stay at Hopkins to undertake or continue projects without the competing obligation of classes.

For information about HOUR programs and events, staff can be emailed directly at HOUR@jhu.edu.