Support JHU undergraduate researchers by visiting DREAMS online

JHU is the oldest and among the best-funded research universities in the United States, and undergraduates are an essential component in this work. This year, despite the many challenges posed, undergraduate students persevered and contributed meaningfully to labs, project teams, and their own independent research, scholarly, and creative work.

Please take a few minutes out of your day on Thursday, April 22, and Friday April 23, to view and acknowledge the endeavors of our resilient, hardworking undergraduates! This year, with DREAMS hosted on a virtual platform, it will be easy for you to click a link and explore the breadth and depth of undergraduate contributions to the world-class work taking place at Hopkins. You may view presentations online all day on both days, and meet presenters live (virtually) at specific times throughout those days.

We hope many faculty, staff, and fellow students will show support for these students by visiting DREAMS and engaging with at least one presenter/project of interest. Your questions and comments are key to students knowing that their work has been seen and appreciated!

No registration required to view presentations on the DREAMS website.

To leave questions or comments (which we hope you will!), you'll need to register with the event platform, Symposium. Registration is free, quick, and spam-free!