Participants with psoriasis are needed for skin research study

Participants with psoriasis and eligible medical insurance requiring phototherapy are needed for a pragmatic trial of home- versus office-based phototherapy.

Participants will be randomized to receive office or home phototherapy treatment sessions about three times a week for up to 12 weeks, which is a routine course of treatment.

The study also involves:

  • Photography and clinical assessments at the study site
  • Self-assessments via mobile app

The length of the study is up to 28 weeks, including a 12-week observation period.

Volunteers will be compensated up to $140 for completing assessments via mobile app.

For more information, contact the JHUSOM Cutaneous Translational Research Program (CTReP) at

Noori Kim, MD, Principal Investigator.
Johns Hopkins Department of Dermatology IRB Protocol No.: IRB00199449