Online engineering courses for high school students

Applications are now open for Biomedical Engineering Innovation and [Explore Engineering Innovation] (, college courses offered to high school students. Both courses will be online this summer. Enrolled students will be mailed a lab kit with materials for hands-on activities.

Engineering Innovation programs are also designed to boost a student's confidence. Through participating in one of our courses students will:

  • be challenged to solve open-ended problems that have more than one answer
  • complete engineering design challenges
  • leave the course with a better understanding of the opportunities available with a career in engineering .
  • be more confident when they select engineering as their major on the college application

Students who earn an A or B in either course receive three credits from JHU.

JHU tuition remission can be used by eligible faculty and staff to cover 50% of tuition.

More information is available on the Engineering Innovation website or by emailing