JHU bird strike monitoring project

The JHU Office of Sustainability is working to enhance data collection and monitoring for bird strikes across university campuses in order to identify problem areas where collisions occur and to determine opportunities for bird-friendly campus strategies.

Building collisions are a significant source of death for birds annually, with an estimated 600 million fatalities each year in the U.S. alone. In most cases, this happens because birds do not recognize glass as a surface and end up flying directly into windows, which may cause severe injury or death.

In an effort to gather feedback on prior bird strikes from the JHU community, the Office of Sustainability is asking interested participants to fill out this brief survey.

Members of the JHU community can also join this project through iNaturalist as part of a broader campus citizen science monitoring effort where photos and incidents can be uploaded.

Please send any additional questions or comments to sustainability@jhu.edu.