Homewood staff asked for input on COVID-19 communications

Graduate students at the Bloomberg School of Public Health in a Health Communication Programs course taught by Douglas Storey will be conducting a communication campaign around the Homewood campus to encourage more effective masking behavior to prevent COVID-19 infection.

They would like to better understand JHU staff members' knowledge, attitudes, and behaviors related to the use of face masks, as well as their information needs and recommendations.

You are asked to take a 10-minute survey that will be used for the sole purpose of helping them develop an effective communication program for JHU staff. Your voluntary participation will help ensure that your voice is reflected in the program. No information linking you to the information provided will be collected.

As a thank you for your time, you will have a chance to enter a raffle to receive a gift of your choice valued at $10. If you are willing to participate, please click here to start the survey.