Hop Reuse Hub grand reopening

The Homewood campus's premier furniture reuse program, The Hop Reuse Hub (HRH), went through an overhaul last fall, but we are now ready to serve you and your department!   The program's improvements include a new inventory warehouse at 2817 E. Preston St in East Baltimore and an updated website for viewing and requesting furniture. Please note that you must be using the JHU WFi or VPN to access the website. Additionally, we've made changes to the pricing model for furniture purchases, as well as, the removal of unwanted furniture from the Homewood campus.

Furniture from the HRH will now be available free of charge, but departments will be responsible for the coordination and costs associated with transporting furniture from the East Baltimore warehouse. Homewood Recycling will continue to remove small amounts of unwanted furniture from the Homewood campus but will now charge the respective hourly recycling labor fee for removal. Departments with large amounts of unwanted furniture on the Homewood campus will continue to work with the waste reduction and recycling senior coordinator to arrange the disposal and donation of furniture, and as in the past costs will be responsibility of the department.   We apologize for any inconvenience these changes may cause; however, the program developments were necessary and will help us meet the rising demand for and influx of quality secondhand furniture. Please note that while the HRH program is primarily for the Homewood campus, all JHU divisions may purchase furniture. The question of whether the HRH program can receive furniture from other divisions will be considered on a case-by-case basis.   For questions about the HRH program, contact Brigid Gregory Trites at bgregor9@jhu.edu or visit the FAQ page.