University issues new volunteer policy

Each year, the university hosts volunteers who participate in a wide array of activities without compensation. Many volunteers come from outside the university, while others are JHU affiliates volunteering in capacities distinct from their roles as employees or trainees. In the past, there has been confusion about who can volunteer for what kinds of activities, and under what circumstances. To provide clarification and parameters, the university has created a new Volunteer Policy.

Important aspects of the policy are as follows:

  • Definition of a volunteer as an individual engaged in activities for civic, charitable, and humanitarian purposes
  • Description of how volunteers cannot displace or perform services that would otherwise be performed by paid university employees
  • Details of requirements for volunteer status in compliance with federal and state labor laws
  • Special considerations for international volunteers
  • Distinction between volunteers, visitors, and postdoctoral fellows

Questions about the new policy can be directed to Jon Links or Val Culotta in the Office of the Provost.