UHS Wellness 28-Day Healthy Habit Challenge

Are you trying to reset and establish a new positive habit in the new year? Would you find support and accountability helpful on your journey to well-being? Healthy habits can be difficult to maintain especially through the winter months—not to mention during a pandemic. If you would like to build a healthy habit together, join UHS Wellness for the next 28-Day Healthy Habit Challenge Feb. 1–28.

For this 28-day challenge, choose any habit or behavior that you would like to cultivate that relates to a dimension of your well-being. You also have the option to participate with an accountability partner. You may sign up with a partner or ask to be paired with someone. Our challenge will begin with a brief virtual talk with Meghan Ames from the Lerner Center for Public Health about accountability and how it can impact our goals, from noon to 12:45 p.m. on Feb. 2. This will be recorded and can be viewed on Microsoft Teams if you are unable to attend. You will also be added to our 28-day healthy habit team on Microsoft Teams, where you can interact with others about habit formation, give and receive encouragement, and be entered to win raffle prizes.

You must be a student or trainee to win raffle prizes. Staff/faculty are not eligible. Ready to join? Fill out the registration form here.