Small grants opportunity for students: JH Needs U

Any student, trainee, or affiliated (learner, student, trainee, etc.) group, from any Hopkins school, who has an idea to promote safe activities or behaviors during the COVID-19 pandemic may apply for a small grant to execute their idea.

Applications should describe how the initiative will promote selected JH Needs U objectives among a defined audience of the student body, through new and creative forms of safe activities, communication initiatives, fun, or whatever the group sees fit. Please use this as an opportunity to "Help Us Protect Each Other," whether on campus or in remote settings.

Awards will be given up to the amount of $1,000. Applications must include an itemized budget of what the funds will be used for, and must be feasible within university COVID-19 guidelines.

JH Needs U Objectives of Emphasis

  1. Encouraging the foundational prevention behaviors—hand washing, distancing, mask wearing, routine testing, Prodensity app usage to monitor symptoms and access campus—and how to practice them.

  2. Acknowledging the important roles and responsibilities every member of our community plays

  3. Promoting use of the JHU COVID-19 info site

How to Apply

Submit one application per group via the Google Form.

Awards Timeline

Applications must be submitted by 8 a.m. on Feb. 1. Awardees will be notified no later than Feb. 12.

This is not a formal research proposal; we are interested in seeing creative ideas that can have real impact on safe behavior or could serve as a pilot project that would have value if scaled up. Please be imaginative and adapt as necessary to virtual circumstances!

For what to include in the application, tips for a strong application, FAQs, and more details visit the COVID-19 well-being grant of the Wellness website.

Still have questions? Contact for more details.