Food resources for Homewood off-campus community

Since Homewood Recycling's Free Food Alert program is on pause until in-person and on-campus events return, we have been researching other free or discounted food options for students living in Baltimore. Our Eco-Rep, Dorothy Thompson, created the Local Food Resources for the Homewood Campus Community document. This PDF lists food resource locations that offer free or discounted food, take food donations, are within reasonable walking distance of 2 miles, and are actively serving members of the community during the Covid-19 pandemic, as of November.

We hope this document will be a helpful resource. It will be updated periodically to include any resources that become available or unavailable. Reach out with questions, comments, and suggestions about the resource itself to Homewood Recycling at If you have questions about the pantries or restaurants themselves, please call or connect on their social media platforms provided in the document.