Applications open for the 2021–22 France-Merrick Civic Fellowship

The France-Merrick Civic Fellows program is a yearlong opportunity for upperclassmen on the Homewood campus to explore community service and civic engagement through various direct and indirect service opportunities. Fellows are selected through a competitive application process for their leadership potential, their demonstrated interest in service and civic engagement, and their commitment to Baltimore City. Through the program, France-Merrick fellows participate in a set of coordinated activities, including direct service projects related to an issue area or neighborhood of interest, training and reflection sessions, and professional development opportunities designed to catalyze their future service and engagement efforts.

Students will be required to have a regular service commitment with an organization within the issue area or neighborhood of focus and also identify additional ways to understand the complexity of their focus area. Additional direct service opportunities (episodic or one-time projects) will build understanding of how the focus area is being addressed locally, in Baltimore. Fellows earn a $3,500 stipend.

The opportunity to reflect on service, learn related content, and identify other areas of growth in their personal understanding of the issue or neighborhood of focus will enhance student learning and leadership aptitude.

Information sessions will begin at noon ET on Monday, Dec. 7. Visit Hopkins Engage to register.

Full information for the France-Merrick Civic Fellowship and application instructions can be found here.