Web developer for anti-human trafficking research needed

This study aims investigate the effects of an online educational module on college-age men's consumption of pornography. By using a pre- and post-test design, college-age men's consumption and perception of pornography will be measured before and after viewing the online module. The hypothesis is that discussing the connections between the sex trafficking industry and the pornography industry through the online module will reduce our participants' consumption of pornography over time, due to a heightened understanding of how their behavior is related to sex trafficking. Ultimately, the efficacy of our online module as an educational component will be determined and may subsequently warrant its implementation at our university and others.

The researchers are looking for someone who has experience in graphic design and web development. They prefer someone who is also invested in the study's topic and is willing to work closely with them. We are currently funded by the Dean's ASPIRE Grant, so financial compensation will also be provided.

Please email us about your interest in the job and send your portfolio to ccho26@jhu.edu.