Sensory research study

Researchers are conducting a study to examine the mechanisms in the brain that mediate pain. If you participate in this study, we will measure scalp EEG during the presentation of the painful stimulus. The stimulus may be from heating or cooling of a metal surface, immersion of the hand in ice water, sustained muscle contraction, or shining of a controlled laser on the skin.

In other studies you will be asked to carry out movements while brain waves (EEG) are measured from your scalp. You may also be asked to move a handle to connect two dots on a computer screen while a motor makes it more or less difficult to carry out the movement.

The test session will take about two to four hours, and there may be several sessions, each on a different day. Anyone between the ages of 18 and 80 is potentially eligible to participate in the study.


Participants will receive $25/hour and a voucher for parking.

Protocol: Physiological Studies in Healthy Subjects, Chronic Pain Patients and in Patients Undergoing Neurosurgical Procedures of Human Forebrain Mechanisms Mediating Somatic Sensation, Motor Control, and Neurological Disorders.
IRB#: NA_00079932, principal investigator: Frederick Lenz