Gaither Junior Fellows Program: A Substantive Work Experience in Foreign Policy

The James C. Gaither Junior Fellows Program at the Carnegie International Endowment for Peace is designed to provide a substantive work experience for students who have a serious career interest in international affairs research. Students will be paid to work at the CEIP in Washington, D.C., on a full-time basis for a period of one year beginning Aug. 2, 2021.

Gaither Junior Fellows provide research assistance to scholars working on the Carnegie Endowment's projects, including democracy and rule of law, executive office, nuclear policy, cyber policy initiative, energy and climate, Middle East, South Asia, China studies, Japan studies, economics (Asia program), and Russia/Eurasia. Junior Fellows have the opportunity to conduct research for books, participate in meetings with high-level officials, and contribute to congressional testimony, as well as organize briefings attended by scholars, activists, journalists, and government officials.

The fellowship is open to current seniors and May 2020 graduates who have not started graduate school (however, you are eligible if you are in the final year of a BA/MA program). U.S. citizenship is not required, but a work visa for the 2021–22 academic year is. Applicants must have completed a significant amount of coursework related to their foreign policy area of interest, have a record of high academic achievement (3.7+ GPA), and meet any individual requirements for the program to which they are applying.

Those interested in applying should confirm their eligibility by reviewing the requirements on the Fellowships page of the Homewood Student Affairs website, and emailing for a copy of the application.