BRAINY: Brain Recovery After INjury in Youth now online

The Brain Injury Clinical Research Center at Kennedy Krieger Institute is recruiting youths ages 10-17 who have had a recent concussion and children ages 13-17 who have never had a concussion for a research study about brain recovery after concussion, in relation to motor performance and brain connectivity. This study involves three visits over the course of a year, and each visit can be completed online via Zoom or in person at Kennedy Krieger. Online visits last 1-2 hours, and in-person visits last 3-5 hours. There is no cost to participate.

Participants will receive a $75 gift card for each in-person visit or a $50 gift card for each online visit, a $10 gift card for each MRI completed (in-person visits only), and an additional $5 in gift cards for the completion of monthly survey responses. For more information, contact Mickey Ellis-Stockley at 443-923-7987, by email at, or visit the Concussion Clinic website.