Roadmap 2020 Task Force: Open call for work group membership

The Roadmap 2020 Task Force is now accepting self-nominations to join its working groups. The nomination window is open until Friday, Oct. 9; the nomination form can be found here.

The task force has been charged with making actionable recommendations to Johns Hopkins University leadership in support of the next iteration of the JHU Roadmap on Diversity and Inclusion. To fulfill this charge, the task force has organized into working groups covering the following topics:

  • Faculty Diversity Initiative 2.0
  • Student Success
  • Pathways to Staff Advancement
  • Institutional Accountability
  • Training and Development
  • Alumni Engagement
  • Community Engagement

Working group members are expected to play a key role in characterizing current progress, gaps, and opportunities within the respective topic, proposing evidence-based interventions and best practices and identifying mechanisms for measurement and accountability. The work of the task force is envisioned to culminate in the spring of 2021.

Given the ambitious goals and timeline, working group members are expected to attend the majority of scheduled meetings, perform individual tasks as agreed to by the working group, and attend Roadmap 2020 Task Force or other community meetings as needed.

Working group members will be selected by working group leads, with the aim of achieving diverse teams with complementary experience, expertise, and stated priorities. We strongly believe that everyone has a part to play in the success of this initiative. If you are unable to participate in a working group or are not selected through this process, we strongly encourage you to provide your feedback through the task force website and upcoming Listening Sessions and by interacting with task force and working group members.