Participants wanted for mobile phone user data collection

JHU researchers are conducting a project to develop better authentication by collecting user behavior information on mobile phones. They need help to collect data of typical operations, such as reading and writing, on an Android phone. Participants will complete a set of typical operations on their own phone using an app provided for this study. A research assistant will provide help in an online session using Zoom or Skype. Compensation is $15 for a 30-minute virtual session.

Participants must be age 18 or older. Familiarity with Android phones and ability to do common operations are necessary. Your phone should have Android 9 or later and gyroscope sensors (very common in modern smartphones). The online session and data collection require Wi-Fi accesses to internet.

If interested, please register on the study's sign-up page.

You can contact the PI: Xiangyang Li, if you have any questions.

JHU Homewood IRB study HIRB00010531