Odyssey 2020: A Day in Oaxaca—Crossroads of a Continent

The Oaxaca Valley in Mexico is one of the cradles of American civilization, where maize corn was first domesticated and is the site of some of the earliest Mesoamerican ceremonial centers, and one of the earliest known writing and calendar systems, pre-dating even those of the Maya. The first segment focuses on the impressive Zapotec archaeological sites of Monte Alban and Mitla, and a later Mixtec tomb placed at Monte Alban, which remains the richest archaeological find ever made in North America. The Mixtecs also produced lavishly illustrated manuscripts of dynastic histories (dating to the time of the Norman invasion of England), which can be read today as Pre-Columbian "graphic novels." The class concludes with a look at Oaxaca's gorgeous Spanish colonial architecture, and at Oaxaca today as a contemporary center of fine art, folk art, and highly politicized graphic street art.

918.182.01 virtual course via Zoom Date: Saturday, Sept. 26, 1 to 3 p.m. Cost: $30 (one session)

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