Waste Less Wednesday series wrap-up

To encourage community and outreach amid the coronavirus pandemic during the summer of 2020, the Johns Hopkins University's Homewood Recycling Office hosted 10 weekly Waste Less Wednesday Zoom Socials for sustainability professionals and enthusiasts alike. Each week a sustainability professional from around the U.S. co-hosted and presented on a waste-related topic that was important to them. Following each short presentation, we had an open discussion on the topic.

You can now view the recordings of each of these Zoom socials on Homewood Recycling's YouTube page. The title of each video represents the topic presented and discussed during that social. Topics range from the coronavirus's impact on waste systems, to composting and food waste, to child/parent waste and fast fashion. If you have any questions or would like to learn more about Homewood Recycling's work, contact the office at recycling@jhu.edu .