New AP Music Theory online course offered by the Peabody Preparatory

The Peabody Preparatory's AP Music Theory is an introductory college-level music theory course that is offered fully online. Students ages 15–18 cultivate their understanding of music theory through analyzing performed and notated music as they explore concepts like pitch, rhythm, form, and musical design. The course is taught by Jenine Brown, an assistant professor of music theory at the Peabody Conservatory and a 10-year AP exam grader and question writer. The course features video lessons with Dr. Brown, weekly exercises, and detailed feedback on free-response prompts to help students prepare for the AP Music Theory exam.

The asynchronous course is delivered fully online, where students engage with high-quality online interactive materials, including sight-singing practice exercises with immediate feedback and interactive chapter quizzes, and meet with the teacher at regular intervals in Zoom. Throughout the course, students receive tailored feedback on their work; students should plan to spend three hours a week on the materials.

This course is a 30-week, full-year program that requires a yearlong commitment. Upon completion of the program in May, students will be prepared to take the AP Music Theory exam.

To register, visit the course webpage.