Looking for student volunteers to participate in the BSHAPE study at JHUSON

Bushra Sabri, an assistant professor at the Johns Hopkins School of Nursing, is leading a study called BSHAPE, which focuses on improving immigrant women's lives in the U.S. by building knowledge and skills in a variety of health-related areas. The study is approved by the Johns Hopkins University institutional ethical board. Our team is required to follow all ethical guidelines in interacting with participants (e.g., protecting privacy and confidentiality). M

More information is on the study website.

The study is looking for student volunteers who would be interested in getting involved, helping recruit participants (i.e., African women), and learning more about the BSHAPE study itself. Participation will allow the students to gain great insight and experience into the field of research.

If interested, email Dr. Sabri at bsabri1@jhu.edu or the BSHAPE coordinator Meron Gebreegziabher at mgebree2@jh.edu with questions or call 301-728-1101.