Yoga as Healing: A Six-Week Mind/Body Yoga Therapy Group for Releasing Trauma and Reclaiming Aliveness

We are in the midst of multiple, intersecting traumas. The Covid-19 Pandemic causes or threatens significant and unexpected losses. It, along with recent horrific acts of state violence, also underscores the racial trauma that has operated for centuries and continues to imperil Black and Brown lives. And in the midst of this, sexual assault and familiar/relationship abuse continue, with many people in unsafe homes now at greater risk.

Experiences of trauma cut us off from parts of ourselves and lead us into a varying cycle of hyperarousal and numbing. Yoga practice can help reconnect with the disconnected and challenging aspects of the self and improve our capacity for self-regulation, an ability to gain a sense of mastery with and compassion for the sensations and feelings that are experienced internally. As a result, you can feel calmer and more grounded.

Each Yoga as Healing session will focus on an intentional theme, encompass various restorative yoga postures, and most importantly facilitate healing off the yoga mat, in your daily life.

Friday mornings from 9:30 to 10:45 for six weeks beginning July 10 on Zoom. No prior yoga experience necessary. Course workbook materials will be provided. Dress comfortably.

Available to JHU undergraduate and graduate students in KSAS, Whiting, and Peabody. Some participation restrictions related to interstate licensing regulations may apply.

For more information and to sign up for a group screening appointment, email Karen Taylor at no later than June 28.

Group Leaders:

Nila Mechali Berger, E-RYT
Karen Taylor, LCSW-C