Peabody Preparatory Innovation and Music Academy

Today's musician needs training not only in their instrument but in a wide array of studies that encompass technology, creativity, and innovation. Winds, brass, and percussion students ages 8 to 18 will learn DJ and production skills, compose new music, and refine their instrumental improvisation skills. Trained wellness and physical education instructors will join to improve health and well-being which are vital for online learning.

The program, hosted by Peabody Preparatory and Peabody's Tuned-In runs July 6–31 and individual tracks are designed for varying age and skill levels:

Beginners: for students with 1–2 years playing experience.
Intermediate: for students with 3–5 years playing experience
Advanced: for students with 5 years or more playing experience.

Within the tracks, interactive online classes include Warm-Ups/Technique, Music Technology, Theory & Composition, Improvisation, and Movement & Meditation. To learn more, visit the Preparatory Innovation and Music Academy website](

Johns Hopkins University full-time employees and their families may be eligible for tuition remission. Please contact the Benefits Service Center to determine eligibility.