Discussion spaces for students

As we continue to navigate these new and confusing times, the Counseling Center wants to support students in their efforts toward mental, physical, academic, and social well-being. In this time of physical distancing, it can feel isolating to be removed from our typical school, work, and social environments. In an effort to build community and connection, the Counseling Center will be hosting several online spaces to allow students to gather, share emotions and feelings, and discuss tips for coping.

These spaces will allow for up to 15 students so that everyone has an opportunity to participate, share, and feel heard. Initially, the spaces will be focusing on three student populations: graduate students, graduating undergraduate seniors, and international students. Click here to find dates, times, and registration links for the virtual discussion spaces.

  • NOTE ABOUT ELIGIBILITY: Students do not need to be clients of the Counseling Center to join these virtual discussion spaces. Students living anywhere, whether in Maryland, in the U.S., or in another country, may join the discussion.