Postponed: Ask a Gynecologist

This event has been postponed. New event information will be shared when details are finalized.

As a menstruator: Ever wondered why your period blood is clumpy or various colors? Is it OK to suppress my period with contraceptive pills? Can I prevent mood swings or menstrual cramps? Is period sex okay? What leads to menopause, biologically? How does stress impact menopause or my period? What are warning signs for uterine diseases like endometriosis, uterine fibroids, etc.?

As a nonmenstruator: Curious about periods because you don't have them? Want to know how you can support your family, friends, or partners who do menstruate?

Zoom in to this speaker event and get your questions anonymously answered by Dr. Eke, a gynecologist from the Johns Hopkins Hospital, who graciously offered to take part and will answer any questions regarding anything from one's own personal health situation to broader women, gynecological, menstruator, or reproductive health topics.

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You may also pre-submit questions anonymously through the RSVP form OR by texting the number 410-701-0513.

Please note: This event is open to anyone, not just women or menstruators, not just JHU affiliates.

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