International students needed for brief survey study

Dr. Yiying Xiong, faculty member of the Counseling and Human Services program at Johns Hopkins University School of Education, and Hongjun Tan, a second-year master's student in the Counseling and Human Services program, are recruiting international students for a short survey study to learn more about the relationship between the psychological and behavioral experience of international students and depressive symptoms. This is a student research project that is part of Hongjun Tan's independent study for his master's program in Counseling at Johns Hopkins University School of Education. The survey consists of 95 multiple-choice questions in total and can be completed in 20-25 minutes. A $10 Amazon gift card will be given to 10% of the participants for successful completion of the study.

The study is actively enrolling individuals who are: 18-25 years old, hold a valid temporary visa in the United States, and are enrolled as full-time students at Johns Hopkins.

Although the participants may not benefit directly from participation, the results could help researchers further understand the psychological experiences of international students and explore the mechanisms and possible directions for treatment of depression in international students. Participants do not have to feel sad or depressed to take the survey. The risks associated with participation in this study are no greater than those encountered in daily life.

The survey link is here.

Contact information

Hongjun Tan, 864-918-6869, or email