Initiative to increase casual hourly student work

One of the concerns raised to us as we transition to remote work and teaching is lost opportunities, for some of our JHU students, for the paid hourly work in which they had been engaged. In an effort to help these students, we are trying to encourage faculty and staff to list any new positions for which students can apply.

Faculty and staff may greatly appreciate an extra set of hands to help build or add materials to a website, do a literature search, enter data into a data base (or to build that data base), do textual analysis, or reach out to admitted students as another friendly face, or anything else. The purpose of this email is to ask you to be creative in thinking about whether you could use an hourly worker, even for just a few hours, and if so, to encourage you to list that position.

These positions can be posted in the campus experiential learning platform, SMILE, through Student Employment Services. SMILE was created to serve as a counterpart to Handshake. Faculty and staff can post paid on-campus internships and student jobs through SMILE. The opportunities you post now and in the future will be accessible to all students universitywide.

Again, these remote work opportunities can be simple tasks (data entry, assistance with online teaching, online exam proctoring, etc.) or more complex ones, requiring more expertise from a graduate-level student (computer systems work, data analysis, literature review, website design, etc.).

As you think of additional positions, please post them as soon as possible so we can start to encourage students to apply. The first email communication to students will go out on Monday, April 13, so post your position before then for increased student traffic! However, all positions will still be available to students regardless of when they are posted.

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