JHU Menstrual Products Initiative ending early

The Menstrual Products Initiative (MPI) will be ending early, due to the university's decision on Wednesday afternoon to suspend all university in-person operations for the rest of the semester.

The Wings volunteer restocking team, which is entirely made up of students, has decided the best course of action would be to end menstrual product restocking efforts in order to follow the instructions of the university that all students go home.

If you urgently depend on this source of products, please do not hesitate to reach out to Wings at wingsjhu@gmail.com. We are very responsive and will find a way to get you the products you need, while still adhering to the social distancing guidelines.

Looking to the future—though the MPI was originally projected to be completed in 10 weeks, it will unfortunately be ending after only five weeks. Nonetheless, there is a lot of excellent data and feedback generated already, and Wings plans on analyzing all of the usage data collected, assessing the MPI's impact, and compiling a report that will be posted on the HUB between April and May. It will also be presented to the JHU administration either virtually or as soon as in-person operations resume.

If you have any questions, feedback, or interest in involvement, go to the Wings website and follow the JHU MPI Facebook page. Please also do not hesitate to contact the organizers of this initiative, Wings, by email at wingsjhu@gmail.com.

Also, take a moment to fill out the feedback form to offer positive support, provide ideas for improvement or expansion, and feedback on the initiative. Anyone who is a JHU affiliate is permitted to provide input. Responses will be accepted until early April. Your response, in a time like this, is as valuable as ever and will change the future of how the university serves its community.

Stay safe and practice good community and individual health and hygiene! Wings will be in touch soon, with the data from this initiative that can impact how JHU supports its menstruating community moving forward.