University electrical interruptions on Sunday, March 22

On Sunday, March 22, Plant Operations will be interrupting electric service to the buildings listed below. The duration of the outage for each building is minimal for the majority of buildings, but some will experience an extended outage. The outages will begin at 7 a.m. and finish at approximately 8 p.m.. This date was selected because it aligns with the end of Spring Break and because of the availability of contractors.

These outages are necessary to complete testing of our new generator that serves the Power Plant and our cogeneration system. Additionally, we'll perform preventive maintenance to the electrical substation serving these buildings. Please let us know if you have questions regarding these outages.

Buildings that will be without power for the entirety of the outage (7 a.m. to 8 p.m.): Mason Hall, Malone Hall, Hackerman Hall, The Newsletter building, South Chiller Plant.

Buildings that will experience a power "blip" (< 10 minutes) at the beginning and the end of the larger outage: Mattin Center, MSEL, Krieger Hall, BLC, Homewood Museum, Remsen Hall, Whitehead Hall, Maryland Hall, Merrick Barn, Ames Hall, Latrobe Hall, Croft Hall, Shaffer Hall, Shriver Hall, Barton Hall, Garland Hall.