Menstrual Products Initiative, week 3

The Menstrual Products Initiative (MPI) is entering the third week of its 10-week program, with 10 restrooms on the Homewood campus stocked with menstrual products, offered to any JHU affiliate to be used, as needed. The undergraduate and graduate student volunteer restocking efforts are running smoothly, and based on the preliminary measurements of menstrual product usage rates, needs of the undergraduate, graduate student body, and staff are being met, despite some of the technical issues dispensers are facing with dispensing pads.

Wings has a few updates: About half of the dispensesrs are functional and dispensing, and in some cases, with a short delay. These restrooms with functional dispensers are: Shaffer, Mattin Center, Wyman, Hodson, and Mudd. A troubleshooting method is to wave your hands, step back from the sensor, and wait at least 5-7 seconds for the product to dispense. Unfortunately, the other half of dispensers are either unreliably dispensing pads (Bloomberg and Hackerman) or failing to dispense pads and tampons completely (Brody M level, Brody B level, and Gilman). Wings and Facilities are in close communication with the dispenser vendors and are currently requesting dispenser replacements; hopefully the issue will be resolved soon. The goal is to replace all the faulty/unreliable dispensers as soon as possible, in order to continue to meet needs of the JHU community, especially in the high usage/traffic areas like Brody and Gilman.

Wings thanks everyone for their patience and requests members of the JHU community to continue to fill out the feedback form and continue to report problems with dispensers.

More information about the next feedback round for the MPI for the month of March will be coming soon, on the Wings Facebook page and website.

Positive feedback, criticisms, comments, questions, inquiries are gladly welcomed through the survey MPI: February Feedback Form, especially if this initiative has served you or someone you know.

Please also do not hesitate to contact the organizers of this initiative, Wings, by email:, or connect with them on Facebook if you have any questions, feedback, or interest in involvement.