JHU Menstrual Products Initiative Pilot Program: Second week

This the second week of the 10-week pilot program, and the response overall has been positive despite the technical difficulties with the pad-dispensing mechanism.

As a disclaimer, our dispensers are still malfunctioning in the pad-dispensing mechanism. We apologize for the inconvenience and thank everyone for their patience while we resolve the issue with the vendor who made the dispensers.

The Menstrual Products Initiative (MPI) pilot program is providing pads and tampons free of cost to any JHU student, employee, faculty, or affiliate, with hopes to reduce the number of emergencies anyone may face due to the unpredictable nature of periods.

The initiative will span 10 weeks, from Feb. 10 to April 20. Dispensers are installed in 10 female or all-gender bathrooms across campus. Refer to the Wings website for more details on the initiative and the MPI map to find the closest dispenser to you. You may also find out more about the entire initiative on the website or the Facebook page.

This pilot program is organized and planned by the student-led service organization Wings, co-implemented by the Facilities and Custodial Services teams, funded by the Office of Women & Gender Resources, and co-sponsored by the Office of the Dean of Student Life; it has also been supported by Student Government Association.

Any comments and feedback should be directed to Wings JHU (wingsjhu@gmail.com), through the forms QR-linked on flyers across campus as well as online on the website and social media pages. Assessing the response to the MPI will be crucial, and the feedback collected on surveys and the need measured through usage will inform the university's preparation for a long-term program. Positive feedback, criticisms, comments, questions, inquiries are gladly welcomed through the MPI: February Feedback Form, especially if this initiative has served you or someone you know. Wings will also be hosting monthly check-ins and feedback events.