Alexander Grass Humanities Institute summer internship grant opportunity

AGHI announces support for Hopkins humanities students who have an unpaid internship this summer. Stipends will be awarded based on merit and need. The goal of these awards is to reduce financial pressure on students, allowing them to explore professional opportunities by choosing the best possible summer experience.

Eligibility: The grantee must be a declared humanities major or, if a freshman, a student who has demonstrated clear intent to pursue a humanities major through coursework, meetings with program faculty, extracurricular activities, etc. Only current freshmen, sophomores, and juniors are eligible.

Awards will be given only to students who can demonstrate that they will be engaged in an unpaid summer experience of significant merit and time commitment.

To apply: Send the following as a single PDF attachment by email to no later than May 1:

A letter describing anticipated summer activities, including details of time commitment, responsibilities, mentorship or supervision, or other evidence of seriousness of purpose, along with an explanation of the significance of the opportunity for academic and professional development and an explanation of why funds are necessary to take on this opportunity, which includes a description of your anticipated costs.

Directed supporting materials are encouraged, including (as appropriate) a copy of the internship description, student's internship application cover letter, confirmation of the offer of the internship, and communications from summer supervisors or mentors.

The letter of application must confirm that this is an unpaid experience. Students may be asked to demonstrate this and/or their commitment to the opportunity, depending on the circumstances.

Application review: AGHI will review the applications promptly and expects to have replies to students by May 10.