Interested in learning more about your exposure to air pollution?

Participants who can monitor their personal exposure to gasoline vapors and benzene—that occurs, for example, while filing up a vehicle at a gas station—are needed for a research study.

You may be eligible if you are over 18 years old and have a valid driver's license, own or have access to a car, and are a nonsmoker. You will be asked to fill up your gas tank at a gas station of your choice while wearing a lightweight air-quality monitor. You will be paid up to $40 for your time. For more information, contact or leave a message at 667-217-6170.

In conjunction with this study, area sampling is occurring at Homewood at the university's fleet vehicle refueling station near the parking lot between the Center for Leadership Education and the Mattin Center as of Nov. 13. Please do not disturb the equipment.

Direct any concerns to Mary Fox at or Kirsten Koehler at