JHU Black Faculty Staff Association Supply Drive for Baltimore Station

The Black Faculty and Staff Association will be collecting miscellaneous items to help Baltimore Station, a residential recovery program that is dedicated to helping homeless veterans, many suffering from the effects of war, get back on their feet. More than 20% of veterans with PTSD suffer from an addiction or dependency on drugs and/or alcohol. These heroes need our help to change their living situation and the opportunity to become productive members of society again.

Supplies needed include towels, washcloths, twin bed linens, pillows, blankets, socks, packaged underwear, sleepwear. New items are preferred.

Supply Drive collection locations:

East Baltimore
1830 Monument St. – Lobby
School of Public Health – E7516
Preclinical Teaching Building – PCTB608

Wyman Building – Lobby
Mudd Hall – Levi Wing 128

AP/Tax Lobby – N-4300 Keswick

8-270 and 26-304

Mason F. Lord Building
Center Tower Lobby

Supported by BFSA