Undergraduate researchers wanted to present at HOUR Student Seminar "The World – Your Community"

The Hopkins Office for Undergraduate Research is looking for undergraduate students to present their research, creative projects, or experiences in any discipline at its Student Seminar Series titled The World – Your Community on Monday, Nov. 4 at noon in Shaffer Hall, Room 2.

HOUR's Student Seminars provide Hopkins undergraduates the opportunity to share their research projects, original writings (poem or short story), community service experience, study abroad experience, internship, or other project. The seminar is immediately followed by a panel Q&A session allowing the attendees and other speakers to ask questions about the projects.

The purpose of this series is two-fold: first, undergraduates have an opportunity to work on their presentation skills and share their projects with the Hopkins community; and second, the Hopkins community has an opportunity to view a topic from different perspectives and understand just how varied and collaborative research can be.

The theme for this seminar is "The World – Your Community" and can relate to anything – a country, a neighborhood, a social or identified community, public health, geography, and more! We are looking for three to four student speakers to present their projects.

Interested students should contact Tracy Smith at HOUR@jhu.edu. If you are interested in presenting in at a future seminar, please reach out and secure your spot.