Charles Village Streetscape: Sidewalk construction around the Bradford Apartments

Contractors are continuing to work on sidewalk improvements around the Bradford Apartments as part of the Charles Village Streetscape project. On Monday, Oct. 21, work will begin at the northwest corner of 33rd Street and St. Paul Street, which will affect occupants of the Bradford as they exit and enter the building. When using the main doors on St. Paul Street, residents will need to head north on St. Paul and cross over toward campus at 34th Street. For those using the ramp on the ground floor, they will need to head east on 33rd Street and cross over at the Calvert Street intersection. The north and east crosswalks at the 33rd Street/St. Paul Street intersection will be closed to pedestrians. Signage will be in place to guide pedestrians around any construction areas. This work is expected to continue until the end of October.

For more information about the Charles Village Streetscape project, visit the project page on the Johns Hopkins Facilities & Real Estate website.