Odyssey: The World Refugee Crisis

In the May 2019 issue of Washington Lawyer, the D.C. Bar magazine, it was noted that "at the end of World War II, there were seven walls or fences marking international borders. By the time the Berlin Wall fell in 1989, 15 walls were in existence." One may be surprised that today, since 9/11, more than 70 walls exist. This lecture series asks five people on the ground to give us their views on where this crisis is going and how their organizations are dealing with it.

  • Oct. 14 Refugee Resettlement in the U.S.: Past, Present, and Future
  • Oct. 21 Political and Historical Origins: The European Union Built After the Fall of the Berlin Wall (1989)
  • Oct. 28 The Migration Crises in Africa: Causes, Human Cost, Forced Migration
  • Nov. 4 Responsibility of the West: Borders, Refuge, and Rights
  • Nov. 11 How the Refugee Crisis Affects Immigration Services Nationally and in the Baltimore/Washington Area

910.834.01 Homewood campus Monday, Oct. 14 to Nov. 11, 6:45 to 8:15 p.m. Cost: $142 (five sessions)

The program coordinator is Douglas Blackstone, Odyssey director. Details about the course are in the Odyssey catalog.

JHU full-time faculty/staff are eligible for 80% tuition remission, spouse for 50%. You will be unable to register online and receive the discount. Contact 410-516-8516 for more information.