SSRC-IDRF essay: Advising support for PhD students

The National Fellowship Program's (NFP) provides advising support for the proposal essay of the SSRC International Dissertation Research Fellowship. This grant, extending over nine to 12 months, is for ABD PhD candidates in the humanities and humanistic social sciences whose projects center on a non-U.S. topic and require at least three months (humanities students) or six months (humanistic social sciences students) of research abroad. More information about eligibility and the grant itself can be found on the SSRC IDRF website.

If you are a PhD candidate who is interested in applying for the SSRC IDRF this year, the NFP will read a draft of your proposal essay. We will begin accepting essays on Oct. 9 and the latest submission date is Oct. 23; students should email their drafts to Dr. Miller ( To learn more information about this fellowship and how the NFP works with students, visit the SSRC IDRF page of the NFP website.