Charles Village Streetscape construction on 33rd Street

The Charles Village Streetscape project is preparing to move into its next phase. The contractors are wrapping up their work on the north side of 33rd Street and, beginning on Monday, Aug. 19, they will be shifting their construction barriers and fencing to the south side of 33rd Street. This will allow us to fully reopen the sidewalks adjacent to Charles Commons and Barnes & Noble. Please note that, because of the new configuration of 33rd Street between Charles Street and St. Paul Street, there will no longer be a parking lane on the north side of 33rd Street.

While work is ongoing on the south side of 33rd Street, the sidewalk next to the Blackstone Apartments, between Charles Street and Lovegrove Street, will be closed to pedestrians. Residents of the Blackstone will still have access to the front and back doors of the building. Additionally, the crosswalk on the south side of the 33rd Street/ Charles Street intersection will be closed; pedestrians will be directed to use the crosswalk on the north side of this intersection to cross Charles Street. Signage will be in place to guide pedestrians around any construction areas. Vehicular traffic patterns will remain similar to the current configuration of the roadway; however, the parking lane on the south side of 33rd Street between Charles Street and St. Paul Street will be closed during this phase of construction. It is expected that this work will continue through mid-October.

Current construction work on the east side of St. Paul Street will continue to progress for the next couple of weeks. It is anticipated that the northbound service and parking lanes on St. Paul Street will be reopened to vehicles sometime in mid-September.

For detailed construction plans of all phases of the streetscape project, visit the project page on the Johns Hopkins Facilities & Real Estate website.