Cryotherapy of lumps and bumps in dogs and cats

The veterinarians at the Center for Image-Guided Animal Therapy at Johns Hopkins are testing a new cryotherapy device for removing lumps and bumps under the skin in dogs and cats. Cryotherapy is a technique for freezing tissue and, thereby, killing cells and tumors.

Dogs and cats of any breed, sex, and age are eligible. Contact the center to discuss with a veterinarian whether this study suits your pet's needs.

The pet owner is responsible for the cost of obtaining a diagnosis on the type of lump, but the cryotherapy and lumpectomy are fully funded.

After the consultation, if the treatment is determined to be suitable for your pet, routine testing for anesthesia will be performed. Cryotherapy of the lump will then be performed, followed by a lumpectomy mass removal between two days and two weeks after treatment. Follow-up assessments will be performed either by telephone or in person at no cost to the owner.

If interested, contact the Center for Image-Guided Animal Therapy at Johns Hopkins University.

Dara Kraitchman, VMD, PhD, or Rebecca Krimins, DVM, MS
Telephone: 410-502-7325