Precision medicine research tools everyone can use

All Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, researchers and residents can now access the Precision Medicine Analytics Platform. Approved by the institutional review board and the Data Trust, PMAP is considered the most secure place for researchers to store and conduct complex analysis with large, sensitive datasets.

Several tools are available to help investigators understand how to request and work with datasets found on the PMAP. These resources include:

  • The PMAP portal, a website with a catalog that lists patient datasets available for precision medicine research, and approved language that investigators can use in grant and electronic institutional review board applications

  • A risk tier matrix and calculator that help researchers understand the patient privacy risks associated with data requests

  • The Technology Innovation Center at Johns Hopkins Medicine, which helps researchers turn their insights into clinical applications that can be used across the Johns Hopkins Health System and at other institutions. The center charges researchers for its design research, software development, and data analysis services

To learn more about these resources and how to access them, watch a short video, read an article in Dome and visit Johns Hopkins inHealth.