HopkinsLocal wants your ideas

HopkinsLocal launched in 2015 to set transparent goals to BUILD, HIRE, and BUY more in Baltimore City. After three successful years, we are launching this edition of our Idea Lab crowdsourcing platform to gather new ideas that will help us continue our efforts to create economic opportunities in Baltimore City.

Baltimore City residents and affiliates of Johns Hopkins University and Johns Hopkins Health System are invited to choose one or both challenges below and join the conversation. Submit your innovative idea(s) or add your comments to ideas that have already been posted. Johns Hopkins will consider the ideas and feedback from participants as it formulates new approaches for economic inclusion in the city.

The challenges are:

  • Addressing Economic Inequality: Share your ideas for how Johns Hopkins can address economic inequality through its efforts to BUILD, HIRE, and BUY locally.

  • Sharing Our Progress: Suggest ways we can share our progress on projects to BUILD, HIRE, and BUY locally so those who would benefit most are informed.

Go to the HopkinsLocal Idea Lab website to participate.