Malone Center: Call for seed grant proposals

The Malone Center for Engineering in Healthcare announces a call for proposals for the 2019–20 academic year as part of its seed funding initiative to support research, expand collaboration among the center's affiliates, and create new partnerships with external collaborators.

The Malone Center Seed Grant Program aims to assist faculty and research staff with development of innovative, collaborative proposals that will advance the Malone Center mission: to develop engineering innovations that will enhance the efficiency, effectiveness, and consistency of health care.

We encourage proposals that will create broader resources within the center for the use of all our affiliates. We also welcome proposals that will help place the principal investigator and the research team in a good position to receive additional external funding from federal agencies, foundations, and industry.

All Malone Center affiliates may submit proposals to this program. Joint proposals are strongly encouraged.

Outside researchers with ideas meeting the objectives of the program are invited to find collaborators among the Malone Center faculty and develop and submit a proposal with them.

*All proposals received before or on Saturday, May 25, will be reviewed and considered for funding by Sunday, June 30.

More information about the Malone Center Seed Grant program and proposal instructions are available on the Seed Grants page of the Malone Center website.