Win a reusable lunch kit

This month Homewood Recycling is focusing on plastics—the recyclable kind and the compostable kind!

Enter Homewood Recycling's March Photo Challenge raffle by emailing Brigid Gregory ( a selfie taken while you are composting plastic on campus. Two entries will randomly be selected to win reusable lunch kits that include a collapsible bag, a metal utensil kit including a set of chopsticks, and reusable zip-lock bags.

All photos are due no later than midnight Wednesday, March 27. Winners will be announced on Friday, March 29.

Compostable plastics can be found at any of the Homewood campus eateries (cold cups, to-go containers, utensils) except for Bamboo Cafe.

PRO TIP: You can check to see if your plastic item is compostable by looking at the item's recycling symbol. If there is a number 7 in the recycling symbol, then the plastic item is compostable. If there is a number 1 or 2 in the recycling symbol, and the plastic item is a jug or bottle, it can be recycled. If the number is 3-6, the plastic item must be incinerated.