Homewood Museum summer internship applications due today, March 8

Nan Pinkard–Aurelia Bolton Internship
Homewood Museum / March 8 deadline

This internship was established in honor of Anne Merrick Pinkard by lead gifts from Aurelia Garland Bolton and Hershel L. Seder, and support from the France-Merrick Foundation. It celebrates the lifelong friendship of these two women and their shared devotion to Homewood Museum.

The Program

The Pinkard-Bolton Internship Program provides Johns Hopkins undergraduate students with the opportunity to gain significant understanding of the museum profession through work at Homewood Museum, the 1801 residence of Charles and Harriet Carroll and several enslaved families and individuals. A National Historic Landmark, Homewood is the namesake and architectural inspiration for the Homewood campus. One intern will be selected and will receive a stipend of $1,500 (100 hours/8 weeks). Exact dates and schedule will be determined by the director/curator and the intern. Internship time frame is from late June through early August.

Summer 2019 Project

The 2019 Pinkard/Bolton intern will work on a project with two Bloomberg Art Interns (BAI) who will be at Homewood for the same 8 weeks. BAI interns are high school students interested in careers in the art world. This summer's project, "Immigration Suitcase," is an outreach program designed for fourth-grade classrooms in which students will use examples of period art and artifacts to learn about early 19th-century immigration to Baltimore. In addition, the P/B intern will work closely with Homewood Museum's assistant curator to create a spotlight exhibition (opening July 2019) about early 19th-century immigration to Baltimore.


All candidates must be enrolled as undergraduate students at Johns Hopkins and must have some relevant coursework in at least one of the following: American art, American architecture, American history, anthropology, material culture, education, Museums & Society Program. Graduating seniors are not eligible the summer after their senior year. This internship is not eligible for academic credit. Information on visiting Homewood Museum may be found online.

To Apply

Selection is competitive. Applicants should submit a résumé or curriculum vitae; a letter of application describing interests and relevant experience; and a letter of recommendation from a professor or mentor. All materials must be emailed to Homewood Museum's director/curator Dr. Julie Rose (jrose37@jhu.edu) no later than 6 p.m., March 8.

Questions: Interested Johns Hopkins undergraduate students are welcome to contact Dr. Rose by email,< jrose37@jhu.edu>.