Odyssey: Discovering Digital Photography

Digital technology has dramatically changed how we take pictures. This course will help you understand the fundamentals of photography and how they apply to the digital world. The course includes classroom instruction and discussion, hands-on learning, and field study. We will cover shutter speeds, aperture or F stops, depth of field, white balance, and histograms as well as how to properly compose an image. Learn how to fully use the features of your camera to create higher quality images that you will be proud to share with your friends and family.

913.136.01 Homewood campus Lectures: Wednesday, March 13 to April 3, 7 to 9 p.m.; field study; Saturday, March 30, 10 a.m. to noon (Howard Rawlings Conservatory) Cost: $178 (five sessions)

JHU full-time faculty/staff are eligible for 80 percent remission; spouse for 50 percent. You will be unable to register online and receive the discount. Contact 410-516-8516 for registration details.