Get involved: The charisma study - cardiometabolic health in adolescents of south asian ancestry

Interested in participating in a research study to learn more about personal health and possibly improve the understanding of cardiovascular and diabetes risk in individuals of different ancestry backgrounds?

The study team is actively enrolling study participants who are: • Adolescents and young adults ages 12-21 years • South Asian, Caucasian, or African American ancestry • Have excess weight for their age and height (staff can help calculate this if the participant is not sure)

What is involved?: • 2 half-day visits to the Johns Hopkins Children's Center for various procedures • 3 phone calls after visit to review dietary intake • No cost to the subject • All procedures are minimal risk • Qualifying participants compensated $400 for completing the study • Clinically relevant lab results can also be shared with the participant's primary care physician with guardian's permission • Find out about a child's cardiovascular and diabetes risk

If the reader knows anyone who is interested in participating, please pass along this information. Study staff would be more than happy to discuss the details over the phone or via email. Please call or write.

Contact Information: Primary Investigator: Dr. Sheela N. Magge Study Coordinator: Dalton Nichols Phone: (443) 287-8997 Email: