Video release for improved waste signs

Follow the 12,000 lbs of waste generated on the Homewood campus every day as it passes through the hardworking hands of the office's recycling and custodial crews and moves on to one of three processing locations: the incinerator, composting site, or recycling center.

Homewood Recycling hopes this video reminds you to look for the new waste signage and sort correctly! Your help is essential in stopping bin contamination! Contamination in our composting and recycling streams prevents valuable materials from being returned to the earth or reused. It's on all of us to sort correctly, so look out for the new signs.

Homewood Recycling worked with a focus group of students and staff to develop improved waste bin signs. In addition to new aesthetics, the signs display more-specific pictures and reflect changes in recycling restrictions.

Please note: If you do not see updated waste signage in your waste station, please contact the recycling manager, Leana Houser, at, and the outdated signs will be changed ASAP.

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