Odyssey: Rethinking the American Revolution: What Was It Really About?

The American Revolution of the late 18th century was more than an event in our nation's past. It was, to be sure, the "founding moment." Our popular understanding portrays the Revolution as a tax revolt orchestrated by "great white men in great white wigs." Informed by a new wave of scholarship, this course will examine the ways in which the Revolution has been presented and interpreted, focusing on its causes, character, impact, and consequences. It seeks to look at the American Revolution with "new eyes," not only on its own terms but also at its relevance to the present day. If you want to understand today's great political divide over what America is and should be, you will benefit from a scholarly view of the Revolution.

910.824.01 Homewood campus
Mondays, Feb. 25 to April 8, 6:45 to 8:45 p.m.
Cost: $199 (six sessions)

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